Bringing Sanity back to the workplace.



Bringing Sanity back to business & protecting faith


The Problem:

The LGBTQ community has owned the words of acceptance and tolerance when in reality they are penalizing and persecuting.  The two party political system has put us into a box by herding us into a "D" or "R" without representing our values and deeply held beliefs.

Adding gender identity and sexual orientation as a protected class to existing anti-discrimination laws is not only an assault on the church but also an undue burden on business.

Discriminating against someone because of race and sex are concrete features identifiable from the outside by the naked eye.

Business owners cannot and should not be expected to know what's going on in your bed or in your head.

Especially in a culture that encourages fluidity where your sex can change minute by minute, how is a person to know what someone identifies as? This is simply an undue burden on businesses.  This is a way for the LGBTQ community to sue businesses through a political/culture motivation to try to eliminate those that have opposing viewpoints.


Missouri House Bill 1858

Page 12 of HB 1858 exempts a religious corporation UNLESS the corporation is made open to the public (defined in 213.010).  If you are held out to a public good which is loosely defined then you must open your organizations up to all.  A public good could be a church serving as a polling location, holding birthday parties, renting part of their facility out, etc.  That organization then would be forced to allow a transgender surgical advocacy group to meet within their church or a group that wishes to promote same sex marriages, etc.  It has been stretched as far as to say that pastors/ministers/priests that preside over marriages would have to open up to all same sex marriages as well or would be violating the law by discriminating against this protected class.

The Solution:

We are partnering with pastors/ministers/priests to bring awareness and attention to what we are doing and engage in the fight.  Specifically this means that we will ask those pastors/priests/ministers to have a Biblical sermon on these alternative lifestyles followed by telling the congregation how they could be personally impacted and asking their church to go to our website to get involved. 

We are asking every elected official, every church member, every Democrat, every Republican, to vote for freedom and clarity by opposing any candidate that votes in favor of these anti-discrimination laws or any candidate that would oppose any of the protection laws for the church.  If we show elected officials that we can cross party lines as a sign of defiance against their betrayal regarding faith they will bend to our wishes.
By signing onto our pledge you are promising that any elected official that votes in favor of adding sexual preference or identity to existing anti-discrimination legislation will be voted out.  It also means that any elected official that would vote against legislation opposing protections against such protections for the church by the LGBTQ will be voted out.  To be clear, this means that you will vote for a third party candidate if neither party does not stand with us!

If we stand together, we become the change that moves elections. The people that move nations. The people that move the world. The time is now to stand up for our faith and stop allowing politicians to put us in a box as they continue to water down our rights.

Let's bring Sanity back!  Sign onto our contact section to sign the pledge and receive specifics on what elected officials from your state must be voted out.




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